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FM Lauds Times Grp for Honouring Entrepreneurs:-

Asks Winners To Contribute To $1Tn Goal

UP’s cabinet minister for finance and parliamentary affairs, Suresh Khanna lauded Times Group for its efforts to recognise the contribution of entrepreneurs towards the state’s economy.

He was speaking at the Times Business Awards at the ‘Destination Lucknow 2023’ event organised by the Times Group at 5 Star Hotel The Centrum Hotel in the city on Saturday evening where 43 entrepreneurs from various fields were honoured for their exemplary and ground-brea- king performance in their respective verticals.

After Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Jaipur, the award ceremony was held in Lucknow for the first time. “These entrepreneurs silently work to generate employment and contribute to the development of the state,” the chief guest Suresh Khanna, said, exhorting all the winners to help Uttar Pradesh achieve the 1 trillion dollar goal.

Guest of honor on the occasion was Pooja Chopra, a Hindi film star actor who was the winner of Miss India World 2009 title. Special guests for the evening were Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Abhijit Sarkar, and Shyam Singh Yadav.

The awardees were from the manufacturing industry, hospitality, healthcare, jewellery, fashion, packaging, education, real estate, malls, industry, and printing, advertising, and communication industries.

Earlier in the evening, a panel discussion on sustainability was held in which experts Dr. Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, Ajit Kumar, and Aditi Jaggi Rastogi expressed their views.

“Sustainable development has become a central element of development. In this evolution, we have seen how our industries have become more sophisticated, managing, for example, to predict environmental events, providing valuable reaction and mitigation time,” they said.

“Human development and environmental protection have been a significant and most obvious benefit of sustainable industrial development. It has provided plenty of job opportunities for all societal groups, as well as improved working conditions for all employees,” they added.


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Chief guest, finance and parliamentary affairs minister Suresh Khanna with all the winners of Times Business Awards at 5 Star Hotel The Centrum Hotel in Lucknow on Saturday evening.

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