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IPL 2024: Preity Zinta will stay in this 5-star hotel in Lucknow, there will be this special menu in the food:-


The team of Punjab Kings players will reach Lucknow on Wednesday evening to practice for the match between Punjab Kings and Lucknow Super Giants which is going to be held on March 30 at Ekana International Cricket Stadium. Famous Bollywood actress and team owner Preity Zinta is coming with the team. Everyone will be stayed in the very special hotel The Centrum in the City of Nawabs, which is a five star hotel.

Here, the largest room in this entire hotel has been booked for Preity Zinta, which has oxygen plants. There is a meeting hall. There is a study hall. There is also a beautiful bedroom and attached to this bedroom is a royal Jacuzzi bath. Not only this, there are two washrooms in this room.

Will see Lucknow from the room:-

The specialty of this room is that there are only two such rooms in the entire hotel, one of which has been booked for Preity Zinta. The special thing is that the outside view of this room is also very spectacular. Looking outside from this room, the Ekana International Cricket Stadium as well as Lulu and Plassey Mall are visible. The entire new Lucknow can be seen from here.

Preity Zinta will Stay in this 5-star Hotel in Lucknow img 1

There will be Punjabi and Lucknowi food in the food:

General Manager of the hotel, Bhagwati Pant said that the Punjab Kings team will reach the hotel tomorrow evening. His welcome will be on Punjabi theme. Besides, both Punjabi and Lucknowi food will be served for the team. So that the Punjab Kings team can also taste Lucknowi dishes.

Will leave on 31st:

Along with this, he said that the team will arrive here tomorrow and will leave for its next match on March 31. This hotel has a swimming pool, and fitness club as well as a gaming club for the team, in which special arrangements have been made for all the players as well as actress Preity Zinta.

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