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Lucknowites Celebrated New Year’s Eve:-

With laser lights, scrumptious food, drinks, music, and dance, Lucknowites celebrated New Year’s Eve on Sunday with a vibrant energy and verve that may hopefully be carried forward into the new year.

People thronged hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, and food courts in large numbers to be a part of the spectacular New Year’s Eve extravaganza. The celebrations began at 9 pm and continued well past midnight.

As the clock struck midnight, laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses filled the air, marking the beginning of a new chapter in style. Hotels and clubs offered lavish buffets that showcased a gastronomic journey curated to perfection. From delectable delicacies to tantalizing treats, guests were treated to an array of flavours, expertly crafted to elevate the celebratory experience.

Heritage clubs in the state capital organised New Year bashes for their members and guests. Oudh Gymkhana Club, Lucknow Golf Club, and MB Club were popular spots for members and their families. Some of these clubs invited singers for a musical evening. Live music, DJ, and dance troupes were arranged for the New Year bash that continued till late midnight.

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Hotel The Centrum hosted an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration featuring a triumvirate of outstanding restaurants—Plum, Pendulum, and Dum. The evening was a vibrant tapestry of live music, DJ beats, and the soul-stirring allure of ghazals, creating an electrifying ambiance that captivated guests from start to finish.

“Adding to the allure were beverages, ensuring that guests could raise a toast to the New Year with a selection of the finest drinks. The inclusion of live music, a dynamic DJ, and the timeless charm of ghazal performances ensured a diverse range of entertainment, catering to the varied tastes of the discerning audience,” said Sarvesh Goel, managing partner of The Centrum.

“The hotel spared no effort in ensuring a visually stunning and immersive experience, creating an environment that resonated with the spirit of celebration,” said Rashika Kumar who visited with her friends.

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Hyatt Regency has come up with a ‘Countdown to Comfort’ package starting at ₹12,999. “It included NY party, stay, breakfast, early check-in, and late check-outs. Besides, for Catholics we had an NY party at ₹7,999,” said the general manager of the hotel.

Renaissance Hotel arranged a DJ and Band to add colour to the party. Hotel Taj Mahal organised live ghazals at its Oudhyana restaurant and a live band at Sahib Café. Novotel Lucknow too offered stay packages and gala dinner at The Ballroom and open-air The Edge with live music. At The Metropolitan Club in Gomti Nagar, the bar, discotheque, and restaurant remained fully packed with private parties and family gatherings, said Srajal Gupta, owner of the club.

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