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MLAs should learn the art of speaking in the House: Mahana:

Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana, in a dialogue program on Thursday, gave Gurumantra to the MLAs of the Central Region to present their views in a polite manner in the House. 40-42 MLAs participated in this program.
Satish Mahana said that every MLA should learn the art of presenting his views politely. MLAs who have come to the House for the first time should come with full preparation. In this program organized at Hotel The Centrum, Mahana said that every member should think about how to utilize the time in the House so that more and more work related to public interest can be done. You must watch the videos of the speeches of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former Union Minister Sushma Swaraj and learn from them how to raise your point politely in the House.

Satish Mahana also expressed his gratitude to the MLAs for adjourning the House for only 36 minutes in the sessions of the 18th Assembly so far. MSME Minister Rakesh Sachan said in the program that such events inspire us to learn a lot of new things. Minister Nitin Aggarwal and other ministers also presented their views in the program.

Akhilesh advised to take on study tour:

Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav praised Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana and said that every time something new is seen in the House during his presence. He said that the more the MLAs present their views in the House, the more pressure will be placed on the officials. He also advised to send MLAs on a study tour.

Anger and praise are harmful for the MLA:

In the program, Parliamentary Affairs and Finance Minister Suresh Khanna said that credibility is the biggest thing. In such a situation, if the MLA is not able to receive someone’s call, then he must answer the missed call. One should avoid both people’s praise and anger, because both are harmful.


Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana img 1Legislative Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana, Suresh Khanna, Akhilesh Yadav, and others in a dialogue program with MLAs on Thursday before the budget session of the Assembly to be held next month

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