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Go Green At This Resort In The City:-

The Centrum, a luxury Resort, cleans to hold ‘ Replenish, Reinvent, Reconnect’ at the centre of all its services. To add, nature brings it to the forefront in the Resort’s Ambience, vibe and experience, evident throughout the surroundings of the property.

“The Centrum, which is located at Shaheed Path, is not just a structure, but a well thought out process, a dream of building the space and its identity to bring forth the elements of mindfulness, good practices, sustainability by using the local resources,” shares Sarvesh Goel, Promoter of The Centrum.

The green expanse around the building extend as lush lawns with extensive Flora. “At The Centrum, as an effort towords conserving nature, we have bird-friendly plants of nesting Birds which include a mix of berry bushes, evergreen bushes, fruit trees, flowering trees, and native plants. Rainwater harvesting is carried out a designated area in the building and energy can conservation is done through the use of solar panels for low energy usage, reducing carbon footprint,” shares Sarvesh, adding, “I believe that nature is our heritage which needs to be preserved and maintained. We are its caretakers and not the owners. Let us reduce the carbon footprint.”

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