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Electric poles will be illuminated with spiral lights, and decorated with flowers:-

Commissioner & DM reviewed for the G20 conference, airport administration will get decoration done with plants in association with Horticulture Department. The commissioner and DM reviewed the preparations being made for the G20 conference on Thursday. The main event is to be held at The Centrum Hotel in the Gomti Nagar extension. That’s why the review meeting was also held there. On this occasion, the officials told that the spiral LED decorations are being done on the poles of the street lights. Their colors will also be different. The airport and surroundings will be decorated with plants of the same size.

  • Municipal Corporation and Horticulture Department will prepare 15 thousand saplings.
  • Fountains are closed in many areas for 03 months, which will be started.
  • More than 150 guests will come from different countries at the G-20 conference. In the Collectorate Auditorium, the DM gave directions to the officers deployed to welcome these guests.


This will also be arranged: –

  • Bus shelters will be painted and decorated with lights that will be illuminated
  • The stones of the monuments will be polished to shine
  • Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar, Gomti Nagar extension will be improved from the airport
  • Defective streetlights will be replaced, new ones will be installed


Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob directed that guests are coming from different countries. In such a situation, the work for cleaning the city, repair of roads, and other arrangements should be started without delay. There will be a Global Investors Summit in February followed by the G20 Summit. LDA Vice President Dr. Indramani Tripathi said that the two agencies have to work together for the airport and its surroundings. The airport administration and the horticulture department will jointly prune the trees and plants. Small big pots with seasonal flowers will be kept. This work will be completed in a week.

Roadside painting work will start on Friday. Such big buildings falling on the way whose walls are empty from one side will also have attractive paintings.

Neon and 3D painting from Taj to Shaheed Path:-

In the coming days from Shaheed Path to Taj Hotel, the best decorations in the world will be seen. The neon paintings will light up at night as you walk through the underpass. The 3-D painting will surprise me. The advisory agency of LDA has prepared the proposal and sent it for approval. The head of the core committee is yet to be stamped. The task of beautifying the city has been given to North India’s leading consulting firm. The city’s top architects have designed the decorations to attract foreign guests. The 3-D painting will be engraved on the pillars of the Metro and bridges. That is, this painting will create an optical illusion. LDA officials said that now this proposal has been sent to the core committee.

Internet cable will be removed from the electricity pole in old Lucknow:-

Illegal internet cable wires will be removed from electric poles in old Lucknow regarding the Global Investors Summit. LESA has given internet companies two days to remove the illegal cables. Lesa’s Chief Engineer (Sis Gomti) Sanjay Jain said that internet service provider companies have been asked in the surrounding areas including Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, and Residency.

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