Plywood (4mm to 125mm)

Discover the strength of Plywood, available from 4mm to 125mm. Ideal for diverse applications, brands like Greenlam and Bhupati guarantee quality and durability. Explore Plywood’s potential at Goel World.

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  • Size: 125mm, 22mm, 18mm, 16mm, 12 mm, 9mm, 6mm, 4mm
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Plywood (4mm to 125mm) Size – 125mm, 22mm, 18mm, 16mm, 12 mm, 9mm, 6mm, 4mm, with its multi-layered construction, promises strength and stability across a range of thicknesses. Whether you’re eyeing the 4mm variant for paneling or the robust 25mm for structural purposes, brands like Greenply, Greenpannel, and Austin have set industry benchmarks. The cross-grained arrangement of layers in plywood ensures resistance to cracking, twisting, and warping.

Suitable for a plethora of applications, from furniture to flooring, Plywood’s adaptability is unmatched. At Goel World, we showcase a diverse range of Plywood thicknesses, each promising quality, endurance, and a flawless finish.

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