Block Board 19mm & 25mm

Experience the versatility of 19mm and 25mm Block Boards, perfect for cabinetry and furniture. With brands like Greenply and Austin, Goel World ensures quality and durability for your interiors.

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  • Size: 19mm, 25mm
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Block Boards, specifically those of 19mm and 25mm thickness, are versatile and durable, making them ideal for applications like cabinetry, partitions, and paneling. Brands like Greenply, Austin, and Massaulli have championed Block Boards for their structural integrity and smooth finish. The core of these boards is made of solid wood strips, ensuring strength without adding undue weight.

Whether you’re crafting furniture or installing new doors, Block Boards offer a balanced combination of durability and workability. At Goel World, we offer a curated collection of Block Boards from industry-leading brands, ensuring you get uncompromised quality and performance.

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