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Guests started arriving, there was a warm welcome:-

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For the G-20 event, guests started arriving at Hotel The Centrum, the venue of the event, on Sunday evening itself. Around 70 delegates reached in the late evening. These included G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant, UNDP Chief Digital Officer Robert Opp, UNESCO Director of Artificial Intelligence Dr. Maria Grazia, OECD’s Digital
Audrey Plank, head of the Economic Policy Division. The series of meetings will start after the inauguration ceremony from 9:30 am. They were given a grand welcome at the venue with a peacock dance and shehnai playing. On the arrival of the guests in the late evening, Principal Secretary Urban Development Amrit Abhijat, Secretary Urban Development Ranjan Kumar, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob, and DM Suryapal Gangwar reached to see their convenience and review the preparations for the event. Due to this, there was a lot of excitement at the airport. Airport administration said that flights coming from G-20 countries reached Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. airports, from where guests are reaching Lucknow through connecting flights. During the summit, the guests reached Lucknow by 42 chartered flights.

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The method of preparing the dish will be known from the QR code:-

Food will also be served to the guests through digital technology. There will be a QR code on the nameplate of each dish. If the guests wish, they can scan it and find out through a video how the dish is made. What is its history?

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Now, the city gears up to greet the G20 team:-

After hosting the Global Investor Summit successfully, the city is set to greet G20 delegates, who will put up in the city for the next three days. From beautiful gardens to models prepared from scrap, Lucknow Development Authority, district administration, and Lucknow Municipal Corporation along with private players have invested all their efforts to host the guests. For instance, LDA has installed a jet made from scrap at Samta Mulak crossing, vertical gardens at various roundabouts, colourful lights, and wall paintings depicting India’s rich heritage.

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