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‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ in The Centrum:-

Christmas Gaiety is in Full Swing at the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ in The Centrum. Christmas cakes are an integral to the festival of Christmas as lights to Diwali. One cannot imagine this festival without the sweetness of the delicious cakes. The making of cakes is equally important and the preparation of homemade cakes starts days in advance. Usually, fruit cake and plum cakes are the two most popular cake variants baked for the occasion. The addition of some booze is a must to give these cakes their signature flavour and aroma.

Nowadays, many hotels organise community cake-mixing ceremonies, where you can register yourself and participate in this activity. People from all walks of life come together to ring in the joy of the Christmas season and celebrate it along with the Christian community.

Cake mixing is super fun to do as it is usually done in large quantities. This activity fosters happiness, togetherness, and harmony. With the same spirit and fervor, a ‘Cake Mixing’ ceremony was organized at The Centrum to welcome the festival of Christmas. The bell was rung to mark the beginning of the celebrations with the ‘Cake Mixing’ ceremony.

The Promoter of the hotel  Mr. Sarvesh Goel, and General Manager  B Pant along with the team of specialist chefs were present on this occasion and together participated in this activity. It was a joyous sight to see everyone engaged in this fun activity and marking the start of the merriment, laughter, and frolic, synonymous with the festival of Christmas.

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