Veneer Recon

Embrace the consistency and beauty of Reconstructed Veneer Recon. With the charm of natural wood and uniform patterns, brands like Greenlam and SRG lead in innovation. Discover the world of Veneer Recon at Goel World.

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Reconstructed Veneer, or Veneer Recon, is an innovation that offers the beauty of natural wood veneers with consistent patterns and colors. Using advanced technology, brands like Greenply, T Plus, Greenpannel, Pihoo, Greenlam, Gradient, AUSTIN, Massaulli, SRG, Bhupati, Action, Tesa, VANM, Cubec, Pioneer, Florista, Alstrong, Truewood have mastered the process of replicating popular wood grains and hues in Veneer Recon, making it ideal for projects requiring uniformity.

While traditional veneers are sliced directly from logs, Veneer Recon is crafted by reconfiguring fast-growing wood species into desired patterns. The outcome is a product that is not only eco-friendly but also versatile in design applications. At Goel World, we showcase a curated range of Veneer Recon, combining the allure of wood with the consistency of modern manufacturing.

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