Steam Beech Wood

Steam Beech Wood, celebrated for its smoothness and adaptable nature, is a prime choice for contemporary interiors. Ideal for furniture and cabinetry, its even grain promises a flawless finish. Explore the beauty of Steam Beech Wood at Goel World, where excellence meets innovation.

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  • Width: 70mm to 300mm
  • Length: 3 ft to 14 ft
  • Thickness: 30mm to 80mm
  • Texture:  Straight, homogeneous grain has a fine to medium texture.
  • Common Uses:  Used to create veneer plywood, railway ties, flooring, and furnishings. Since it burns well and has a high density, it is especially favored as fuel wood. To prevent the wood from rotting, coal tar derived from beech wood is utilized.

Steam Beech Wood, a variant of the popular beech wood, is known for its smooth texture and subtle pinkish-brown hue. Steaming the wood enhances its workability, making it a top choice for furniture, cabinetry, and moldings. Leading brands like Century Ply and LG Hi-Mac hold Steam Beech Wood in high regard for its even grain and adaptability.

Its medium density ensures a balance between strength and weight, making it a versatile material for various applications. Beyond its functional properties, Steam Beech Wood’s ability to accept a variety of finishes allows homeowners to tailor it to their interior themes seamlessly. At Goel World, we are dedicated to sourcing the finest Steam Beech Wood. Each plank undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it aligns with our commitment to excellence.

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