Meranti Red Wood

Meranti Red, with its radiant reddish hue, is a blend of beauty and resilience. Perfect for outdoor furniture and joinery, it promises longevity and a stunning finish. Experience the brilliance of Meranti Red at Goel World, where quality speaks.

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Meranti Red, a Southeast Asian gem, is revered for its vibrant reddish-brown hue that adds a touch of warmth and opulence to any living space. This wood, renowned for its durability and resistance to rot and pests, ensures longevity in every application. With leading Indian brands like Greenply and Darwin supporting its authenticity, Meranti Red promises an unmatched blend of beauty and strength.

Its medium to coarse texture allows for an impeccable finish, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture, decking, and joinery. Not just its visual appeal, Meranti Red also provides excellent workability, making it a favorite among craftsmen. At Goel World, our commitment is to offer you the finest. Each Meranti Red plank is selected with precision, ensuring you get wood that stands the test of time, both in aesthetics and functionality.

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