American White Ash Wood

At Goel World, we offer American White Ash Wood, or Ash for most of our products. We recommend; Ash skirting board, Ash architrave, Ash cover fillets, and Ash moldings. There are however many other products that this wood can be used for. Ash wood is very attractive and often used for furniture, stairs, and ash doors where it is often the feature of a property.

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  • Width: 30mm to 300mm
  • Length: 3 ft to 14 ft
  • Thickness: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm
  • Texture:  Similar to oak, ash wood has a medium to coarse texture. Almost typically, the grain is straight and regular, but occasionally, boards with mildly wavy or figured grain can be encountered.
  • Common Uses:  Baseball bats, flooring, millwork, boxes, crates, and other turned items like tool handles.

Ash is normally straight-grained and coarse. The narrow heartwood is almost white. The contrast between heartwood and sapwood makes for a unique attractive material with multiple uses.

White ash is one of the most used trees for everyday purposes and, to keep up with high demand is cultivated almost everywhere possible. The wood is white and quite dense (within 20% of 670 kg/m 3), strong, and straight-grained. Its species produces an ideal, atypical dominant excurrent structured crown. Prices may vary.

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