What is PVA Glue:

PVA is the abbreviation for Polyvinyl Acetate. PVA is the most common type of adhesive available in the market. The white glue, yellow glue, carpenter’s glue or the school glue etc which are easily available at your nearest store are all most likely to be PVA glue. Its properties include being odorless and colorless. Actually, PVA is an inexpensive, water-soluble, non-toxic type of adhesive to stick two pieces of wood together.

PVA glues can be categorized into three categories:

PVA Glue Type 1 – This kind of PVA glue is for indoor use only and sets quickly.
PVA Glue Type 2- The second type of PVA glue can be used indoors as well as outdoors, is water-resistant, and sets quickly.
PVA Glue Type 3 – The third and the last type of PVA glue can be used at lower temperatures too. It is water-resistant and is the most durable of the three varieties. This type of PVA glue takes a much longer time to dry.

PVA Glue has several advantages:

  • It is widely available and can be procured easily
  • It is non-toxic and non-flammable. It has natural Ph value
  • It does not emit harmful gases or fumes, hence, can be used indoors
  • It is water-soluble. It does not need harsh chemicals to wipe it. It can be wiped off with water
  • It dries up clear
  • It is very adaptable¬†
  • It is permanent
  • It is safe to handle with bare hands
  • It has a long shelf life and so can be easily stored for longer period of time
  • It is not very expensive

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