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Wanna give your space a unique personality? Come to GoelWorld.  Goel World presents a huge variety of all kinds of building material that give your home an aesthetic and superb look and feel.

Our Top Quality Branded Products-

➠ Hardwood: Indian- Chir, Deodar, Rubberwood, Salwood, Teakwood, Shesham. Imported- Malaysian, African, Latin America.

➠ Decorative Wood: Our category of decorative wood are Steamed Beech, White Beech, Sycamore, American Maple, White Ash, Hemlock, Douglas Fir, South-American Pine, Pine-Spruce-Fir.

➠ Pine Wood: Our category of pinewood is New Zealand Pine, German Pine.

➠ Marbles: The category of marbles included Imported Marble & Indian Marble

➠ Tiles: Vitrified tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles. Our major brands of tiles are RAK Ceramics, Somani, Johnsons, Simera, Simola and other Morbi Based Brands.

➠ Plywood & Flash doors: Our major brands of plywood are Greenply, Century Ply, Austin, Darwin, Bhupathi.

➠ Laminates: Our major brands of laminates are Greenlam, century, Pinex, Royal crown, Durian, AICA, Sunmica, Decorplus, Euro, Formica, Marino, Newmica, Octus, Silicon, Vergo, Royal Touch.

➠ Decorative Veneer: Our major brands of decorative veneer are Green Nature Max, Green-Wood Crest, Daya.

➠ Adhesive: Our major brands of adhesive are Fevicol and Jivanjor

➠ Acrylic Sheets: LG Hi-Mac

Goel World is the best supplier in Lucknow for all kinds of building material. So, come on guys, give your space a lifestyle which you want it to give forever with Goel World. For more details Click Here http://goelworld.com/

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