MR Grade Flush Doors:

MR Grade Flush Door is known for its moisture-resistant nature. It provides your space with seamless finish and termite resistivity. It works perfectly well in the areas where there’s a water splashing. different layers of MR grade plywood are bound together to make a MR Grade Flush Door. It can also withstand Climatic Changes.


It works perfectly well for the places having huge moisture such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, etc. Apart from that, you can use this wood for your living rooms, balconies, hall, corridors and guest rooms.

Why should you opt for MR Grade Flush Doors?

➠ Durable- It is best known for its load-bearing capacity and therefore, durable in nature.
➠ Moisture Resistant- It has its best usage for the places having huge moisture such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, etc.
➠ seamless finish- It provides you with a smooth and flawless surface having a seamless finish.
➠ Borer Proof- It is of finest quality and borer proof in nature.

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