Five Mesmerizing Bathroom Tiles Patterns:

Tiles are something without which the beauty of the bathroom rarely exists. It is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Hence, Goel World presents a beautiful and mesmerizing tile pattern for the bathroom to give you the idea of the perfect bathroom style. All our patterns are from highly reputed brands. As a result, your bathroom will have a perfect look. Let’s have a look one by one on these patterns-


The simple and linear tile pattern is like a simple grid. Under this, each tile lines up perfectly with its neighbors. Therefore, this layout suits those who want to keep the design for their space simple, yet modern.


It is the best pattern you can apply to your homes. This pattern suggests tiling only the bottom half of the walls. It automatically creates a style with the combination of tiles on the bottom half and paints on the rest of the wall.


This pattern uses the contrast of colors and patterns to give your bathroom a lavishing and classy look. You can add even more kinds of pattern styles to draw attention to your bathroom. Furthermost, mix and match pattern provides a modern and unique touch too.


Shower walls are exposed to more moisture. Therefore, this pattern is perfect for your walls which has a shower on it. You may cover your wall with the stacked large rectangular ceramic tiles, while the shower floor features tiny circular tiles.


Under this pattern, you may paint the wall above the tile in a color that coordinates with the accent tile but doesn’t match it exactly. So, it automatically brings attention to your walls. Above all, you have the choice of a wide range of patterns at Goel World.

Finally, with these tile patterns, you are able to give your bathroom an awesome and stylish look. Choose the best tile pattern at Goel World and bring a classy look to your home. For more information, feel free to ask. Contact us or visit at

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