Decorative Wood Veneer:

When we talk about the beauty of timber products, decorative wood veneer is the first thing that comes into mind. A larger piece of timber log is sliced or peeled to produce the thin slices or veneers.

There are a variety of veneer patterns available at Goel World. Some of the decorative wood veneer include the following patterns:
Figured Patterns – It shows the markings that form a wavy shimmering pattern. Ranging from fiddle back to block figure, these may be in regular or irregular patterns.

Quilted Patterns- It gives your space a blistered appearance having a shimmering scalloped pattern.
Burls Patterns – These patterns appear as rings and dots. It gives your space a rustic and fabulous look.
Pommele Patterns – It is a kind of scalloped figure which is often found in mahogany.

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