Color options for your Granite Kitchen Countertops?

The granite is strong and long-lasting stone consist of classic beauty that gives a stunning look to your space. While the decision to use granite may be simple, selecting among the several color options available can be a difficult task to deal with. Granite comes in lots of colors. This granite can be categorized into the following ten basic categories-
Beige, black, blue, brown, burgundy, gray, green, red, yellow, and white.

The black granite is elegant, aesthetic and classy. Mostly the Dark-colored counters are strongly attractive when paired with lighter colored cabinets or in kitchens filled with natural light.
Apart from the Black granite; brown, burgundy, and gray-colored granite add the charm to a small or low-light kitchen and if it is used with dark woods, the beauty can’t be expressed in words.

The beauty of light-colored countertops can never be ignored as it provides a bright feel to a small kitchen.

White, yellow, or beige colored counters also assist in spreading light around a room to add brightness to the room.

The red, blue, and green colored granite are the least common. These eye-catching designs are suitable for those who want to make their space more focus areas.

You may find different patterns within a single subset of color. there are three kinds of basic patterns of a color set– solid, marbled, and speckled.

If you want a little variation in patterns, go with the Solid Granite.
If you want a smooth transition between color and texture to go with Marbled Granite.
If you want a lot of variation in color and texture, go with Speckled Granite shows.
Additionally, you have the choice of selecting between the typical high-gloss finish or a honed finish.

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