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Food arrangements to the needy

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Food arrangements to the needy:

For the needy, Mansingh Goel Group arranged for food for about 800 people at the Goel Timber and Marble on Ayodhya Road. Group Chairman Sarvesh Goel said that this system will continue till the time it is needed.


Exquisite Collection of Outdoor Floor Tiles)img

Try the Exquisite Collection of Outdoor Floor Tiles

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Exquisite Collection of Outdoor Floor Tiles:

Give your outdoor a smart look with the amazing outdoor floor tiles. Goel World brings for you the wide, modern and elegant collection of outdoor floor tiles from highly reputed brands. The tiles we provide you are durable in nature. Hence, they are able to stand up to all weather conditions.

Obviously, you are looking for the best and unique pattern for your outdoor floor tiles. Similarly, the textures, colors, and designs are also the major factors to consider. First of all, you need to understand what pattern or color suits your outdoor space. Furthermore, you have to find out where you can get easily those specific tiles? Tough task? Don’t worry!…. We have the solution for this. All the textures, patterns, colors and designs are available at Goel Marbo Granite where you can easily get modern and trendy outdoor tiles that add a beautiful charm to it.

Since each of you may have different choices and requirements regarding your outdoor space. Hence, whatever outdoor style you are looking for, our experts can help you find the best tile option which will give your outdoor space a fine and awesome touch.

Get in touch with us and you will love the shades and patterns we provide to you. Design and makeover your outdoor space with high quality, standard and vibrant tiles collection and make it trendy and exclusive among others.
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Apply an Aesthetic touch on Your Walls with Outdoor Wall Tiles

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Aesthetic touch on Your Walls with Outdoor Wall Tiles:

Sandstone tiles solves the purpose of giving an aesthetic touch to your wall tiles easily because it gives a very beautiful look for both interior and exterior walls because of its natural shining. Nowadays, most of the architects and interior and exterior designers demand sandstone due to its simplicity and natural shining factor.
Not only on outdoor walls, in fact, you may also apply it for Home Elevation, Home Designing, Modern Living Room, Villas, etc. Actually, sandstone has its own distinctive style. Therefore, you have the benefit of giving the perfect decorative touch to your space.


➤ First of all, I would like to say that it has natural beauty.
➤ It gives the feeling and touch of earth and rock that may be missing in many of its imitators.
➤ Another advantage for you is that it is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Hence, you can choose according to your suitability.
➤ Durability is the best feature of sandstone.
➤ The touch of nature itself reflects uniqueness in the sandstone.
➤ Every piece of sandstone a great masterpiece of mountainous nature that stretches across the world.

Goel World is determined to give you that feeling in your space what you always want. Explore our wide and beautiful collection of sandstone and give your walls a dashing personality. For more information, feel free to ask. Contact us or visit at

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Best Porcelain Supplier in Lucknow

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Best Porcelain Supplier in Lucknow:

Let your home have a super classy and unglazed matt finish look. Use the branded porcelain tiles of Goel Marbo Granite to give your home a super awesome look and feel because we deliver high value to your space in the form of shiny and sparkling look.

Besides that, you get only that matt finishes porcelain tiles which go through the best production techniques. Therefore, the procedure goes through a quality check-up to ensure the better quality of products. Once you apply these on your floors, you will see how elegant look it gives to your space.

This tile has inkjet print quality, which produces a high definition image that thoroughly covers the tile and results in a natural, authentic look.

Furthermore, we provide you a high-quality design and elegant tiles that are the excellent options for any floor or wall. The durability and ability to withstand foot traffic makes it suitable for all residential and medium commercial floor and wall applications. Durable matt finish porcelain tile is an affordable alternative that gives exquisite and great look throughout the house.

At Goel World, you get easily the perfect wall tiles for your home that matches your needs and shines your home. We are the best Granite supplier in all over the Lucknow. We also supply the best Marble in Gomti Nagar. Browse our latest collection of Tiles now. For more information, feel free to ask. For more information contact us or visit

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Decor your home with Somany Ceramics

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Decor your home with Somany Ceramics:

There are some important features that you always find in any floor tiles. They are versatility, durability, and style, etc. Somany Ceramic tiles play an important role in your home decor because they use advanced and standard production techniques to manufacture tiles according to your requirements.

What are the benefits you will get?
The tiles are stain and water-resistant.
Naturally robust against high humidity conditions.
Renowned for its durability and easy maintenance.
The best part is these tiles will make your space elegant and bright for years.
They provide tiles that are extremely ecological due to the extensive use of recycled materials.

Goel World presents a wide selection of quality Ceramic Tiles from Somany Ceramics. You may choose according to your desire when you’re designing your home. Whatever are your requirements, i.e., whether you need floor tiles for your kitchen or bathrooms, we will fulfill it at our best. Our flooring collection will demonstrate to you how strictly we follow quality norms.

Our collection is easy to install and consists of modern and classy patterns. We are profoundly inspired by natural materials. Besides that, we also ensure the intrinsic properties and features of ceramic.
So come here and buy the best designer floor tiles for your home as well as for your office from one of the best tiles suppliers in Lucknow. For more information, feel free to ask. Contact us or visit at

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Decor your home with the Best Quality Plywood Doors

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Best Quality Plywood Doors:

Doors are always the main part of the home or any building. They must be designed and selected keeping in mind the most stringent quality norms and heightened aesthetic sensibilities.

Goel World presents the collection of high resistance and quality plywood, for your doors that are extremely durable as also termite and borer proof. The quality of our products is reflected in their characteristics such as strength, modern, durability, elegant.


↠ We present attractive and sophisticated patterns for your Designer Plywood Door:
↠ We offer a variety of plywood in different patterns according to your need.
↠ The best part is that the plywood we offer is termite resistant.
↠ You will get a perfect finish.
↠ Climate stability is also the unique feature that we serve to our clients.
↠ We ensure the quality of every product.

Give your home a unique and trendy look with classy, modern plywood doors. Add a charming personality to your home by plywood doors with Goel World. Because we believe in serving high quality and standard products.

For more information feel free to ask. Contact us or visit

Best Quality Plywood for Furniture

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Best Quality Plywood for Furniture:

Goel World presents a wide range of best quality plywood for your furniture. Taking care of superiority, you will get the top class and best quality plywood here. The plywood is well patterned and tested on the basis of various parameters that leads to ensuring perfection and durability. A fine touch is all you need for your furniture, we have expertise in that.


↠ Designed under the guidance of experts
↠Highly durable in nature
↠A modern touch in each plywood work
↠Fine Finishing and touch
↠Perfect quality of material
↠Elegant Designs
↠High sturdiness

Apart from the above-mentioned specialties, we ensure you with the following facts:

⇛ The offered range is inclusive of the finest material and highly asked for Modern Kitchens, Modern Office Table, and Modern Workstations.
⇛ We bring forth an outstanding quality of Plywood for your Furniture.
⇛ Our plywood is suitable for interior and exterior decoration as well as for furniture, cupboards and wardrobe ceilings.

So hurry up guys! Make your home stylish and beautiful with our top class plywood for your home and office furniture and give a charm to it.

For more information feel free to ask. Contact us or visit

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Water Resistant Plywood Flooring

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Water Resistant Plywood Flooring:


Goel World brings you a unique and beautiful range of Water Resistant Plywood to beautify your floors in such a manner that adds an eye-catching feature of water-resistant capability.
Here, you will get different varieties of water-resistant plywoods, such as;
➩Moisture Resistant Plywood
➩Boiling Water Resistant Plywood
➩Commercial Grade Plywood etc.

All our plywood products have the feature that resists water or worst weather conditions and transit which are the cause of dullness and fast depreciation. Thus, you will get quality products every time. You will be glad to know that we provide that quality of plywood which is best to use in warm and humid climatic conditions.
Quality Factors we provide are-
➩Economical, that is well suited to your requirements.
➩Powder proof, that gives your interior a smart look and feel.
➩Moisture resistant, which prevents the plywood from moisture.
➩Apart from that, you will get an amazing variety of plywood at reasonable prices.

So give your home a classy and natural look by designing your interior with products of Goel World at a reasonable cost and high-quality material.

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